About Me!

Hello bee's!

My name is Leah, a.k.a Leah Bee!

I am the creative persona and owner behind Bournelux and Leah Bee Art. I have a problem with picking names and sticking to them and this is why I have two!

From here I would like to introduce you guys to my handmade items and illustrated goodies! 

I love illustration and design, so I decided to go that route in my education and completed a BA (Hons) in Sequential Illustration back in 2011.

At first I couldn't find a job, but after months of toiling away I was back in the world of employment, ready for Christmas 2011! I had a few jobs which were not creative or related in anyway to my degree, not until October 2014 when I got my first job as a graphic designer.

From there I gained many years of experience in-house and in an agency setting, unfortunately due to ill health and disability I was no longer able to continue my role.

My mental health had been on a steep decline for years, coupled with my diagnosis of ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), things were out of my control and I hated it.

Since then I have powered forward by attending  Artlift (art on prescription), Art Therapy, Independence Trust activities, and deciding to become my own boss.

This was never a new thing though, ever since I can remember I have wanted to work for myself and do my own thing, probably because I like doing things my way, and I also like peace and quiet, and the opportunity not to be disturbed, especially for ridiculous reasons (whos had a meeting that could have been an email...!?)

So now I am illustrating as much as I can, and trying to build up my own little shop in a corner of the internet, oh, I also upload YouTube videos!

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Half photograph, half illustration of Leah Bourne smiling

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