Do What You Love

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Hands creating a heart with the sun shining through the middle, with the words Do What You Love written on top

I have always wondered why sometimes people sell their services or skills for next to nothing. Wondering why they charge so little that it barely covers their time and effort, however since starting The Miracle Morning, I have realised it might just be a case of DOING what you LOVE!

I've heard it everywhere, "If you don''t like your job then quit!" But always thought this was a very poor advice and doesn't teach people to be responsible, however, what if there was something more to this?

Now I'm not the type of person just to pack something in, just because I don't like it, as I have responsibilities, like a mortgage to pay. I think the quote "fortune favours the brave" definitely applies here in terms of being brave, putting yourself out there, and the reward outweighing the risk.

Big Magic

After reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert*, I've been trying to apply some of the techniques she suggested for just doing work. Sitting down and writing, whether it's the next Moby Dick or absolute drivel...just write! Same with drawing, it doesn't matter if it is the next Picasso, or no better than a fridge drawing...just draw!

It's made me realise that people might be doing work for little to no money because they love what they do and they will do this work, no matter whether they are paid or not. And then the bread and butter money will come from a job which has nothing to do with what they are passionate about.

This post might not make a whole lot of sense, just like the thoughts in my head! I guess what I am trying to figure out is how to do what I love, and still be responsible, even if the overwhelming urge to pack it all in and elope to Los Angeles does linger in the back of my mind!

Is there anything you would like to do with your life but you feel that something is holding you back? Let me know in the comments!

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