Stickers launched on Etsy!

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Hello bee's!

Click here to take a look at the Bournelux range of sticker sheets so far!

Today has been such a busy day, I have decided (after designing, and printing, and cutting) to place some of my sticker sheets up for sale on Etsy!

You might be wondering what a sticker sheet is though, its essentially individual stickers put together on one piece of paper, which is called a kiss cut (not cut through to the backing paper), this means you can peel off the stickers you want to use, and keep the rest for another time! How convenient!

What made you want to design sticker sheets ey? Well I was heavily influenced by Katnipp and other Etsy shop owners on YouTube, I kept watching their videos on packing orders, designing stickers and other products, then the process they go through to create the products, I definitely wanted to get in on that action! Plus I bought myself a Cricut Maker a few months back, and felt it wasn't getting the use it deserves just sat on my desk, so the sticker making had to commence!

As for the ideas for the stickers themselves, I took inspiration from Pinterest, my friends, and things within my life and the things I liked. So cute food and other cute illustrations on Pinterest, to Yolandi, my French Bulldog :)

Heres hoping that many people will find these stickers delightful, and feel free to give me further ideas on more stickers, or more colours for existing stickers! I really want to get this range up and running, and to expand it in the future, but that can only be done with your help!